On on on switch.

Hello I have 3 circuits I would like to switch between manually. Is there such a thing as a 3 input to 1 output rotary switch...the ones I have seen are mostly 12 positions. Which I know I could use for 3 positions but I didn't want any extra switch positions. I also don't want to use multiple switches like using 2 spsts.


Google "1p3t rotary switch" for many choices.

All the 12 position rotary switches I've ever seen come with an adjustable stop to set the number of positions. Put the stop in the right place and the switch is a 3 position switch with the other positions unused.


Some 12-position rotary switches will let you insert a plug in a series of holes to select any number of positions from 2 to 12.

Four pole three way
It is 4 pole but you only need use one of them.

Thanks guys…