on the fly software upgrade in arduino uno connected to gateway through XBEE

Hi All, need some suggestions for my upgrade solution.

i am using arduino uno board with XBEE and few sensors connected to it. Due to some issues at the field, i need to upgrade the software for my board. Since it is connected to XBEE already, im planning to send the source code to uno board from a gateway.

Can i do this ? will the 32KB flash, and 0.5KB RAM will be sufficient to implement the upgrade functionality over the air....?

Did anyone achieved this ?...Appreciate your support

A bootloaded AVR can be programmed through serial but you have to jump through some hoops I don’t know so well, reset might be just one.

What Arduino has 32k flash and only .5k of RAM? Uno has 2k RAM, Leo has 2.5K.

milin: im planning to send the source code to uno board from a gateway.

Assumed that your source code fits into the RAM, what do you want to do with it?

An update via (XBEE and) source code does not work.

You don't send the SOURCE! You send the HEX!

But there's more to it than just sending data. There's a 2-way between the programmer and the chip getting programmed with timing checks involved. It might not be possible with just an XBEE and Duino.

I won't do the search but what are the chances that no one has made a wifi chip programmer? I bet Nick Gammon's stand-alone AVR programmer could be morphed into such a thing.