onboard usb data logging, FT232 <-> MAX 3421E


it would be nice if it would be possible to connect a USB stick to the board directly for data logging. But it won't work with the FT232 controller since it has no host functionality - some people use an additional (a bit expensive) VNC1L USB 2xhost (only) controller.

Is it possible to achieve dual functionality of the onboard USB connector by replacing the FT232 with some other dual USB controller and some minor changes? I've seen the MAX 3421E can be host/device, uses SPI (the Athmel's have that BUS) and is relatively cheap. Maybe there are other's with TTL like the FT232...

This may help. http://www.circuitsathome.com/arduino_usb_host_shield_projects

Sparkfun also do a version of the shield.

I don't think anyone did a mass storage driver yet. Maybe you can.

What about logging to SD card? That's been doen before.

I agree that SD is much easier and lower cost, even if you factor in the cost of an SD to USB converter.