Once again, selling "Arduino" on ebay


The seller claims to be the ONLY authorized arduino seller on ebay. BS. I don’t see their name on arduino buy list:


Is this another offender?

Another one close to my home:

Let’s stop it.

All one has to do is this (next item on ebay search): Say it’s a clone

personally let them deal with it, if they are actively defending their trademark then it should be no problem, if not then whats the problem

The first depends on the Arduino list being definitive which it may or may not be, I woudn’t brand someone on the basis of that.

The second whilst being called an Arduino Duemilanove in the title, he makes it clear in the description it is not an authentic ‘Made in Italy’ board. He appears to be confused as to what a Mega is but thats hardly a crime.

The third whilst describing it as a clone is actually selling a Chinese knockoff, much the same as the seconds so he’s hardly pure as the driven snow…

In comparison to some of the Chinese vendors are/were doing these barely make the scale.

It is probably too late and costly to effectively defend the name “Arduino” as it has been used “openly” for too long. Names like Xerox and Kleenex have been defended furiously by their trademark holder and yet, they are used “freely” as is in “Canon xerox machine”, etc.

When I say “my favorite arduino board is the one made by seeed studio” I’m referring to the seeeduino, but I’m calling it an Arduino board.

At this point, from a legal point of view is a complicated matter. Better leave it to the trademark holder to sort out.