Ondelay Timerloop without external trigger

I have some doubts how to create ondelay timer loop in arduino sketch without any external trigger,
for e.g I have one K1 relay that K1 relay connected at arduino pin 10(Pin 10 as Output mode) and A0(Input) pin input signal whenever the input signal reaches my conditions or beyond a certain value that K1 relay will pick i.e Pin 10 get High after a given time delay, How to write Ondelay timer loop code without external triggers. Advance Thanks.....

post the current sketch, well formatted, with comments, in code tags and the schematic to see how we can help.

What do you mean by "external triggers"?

What's that? Is it related to delay() or the BlinkWithoutDelay example?

External triggers mean by pressing push buttons like that

if ( RVolt < 180)
    digitalWrite(2, HIGH);
  else if ( (RVolt >= 180)  &&  (RVolt <= 240) )
    digitalWrite(2, LOW);

This is my condition how to create ondelay to make high at pin 2 (after 2seconds delay) here without using delay() function.

See the BlinkWithoutDelay example how to replace delay(). Also see the sticky topics on top of the forum section.