One arduino transmit DATE and time to others?

I need some general advice and a 'how to' approach.

I currently have a GPS receiver hooked up to an Arduino UNO with the "tinygps" tutorial. It successfully pulls date and time.

I have a couple of other arduinos in the house, and I was wondering if I could have the GPS enabled Arduino 'transmit' time to other arduinos in the house via RF? It would be one way communication only... GPS arduino would transmit to other arduinos.

I'm looking for advice on using the chips from sparkfun - put a transmitter on the GPS enabled ARduino to transmit the time + date, and then recievers on any other arduino to recieve the time? Is there a better approach? I only want to send date+time - no other data..

RF Link Transmitter - 434MHz $3.95 RF Link 4800bps Receiver - 434MHz $5.95

Maybe the timelib is usefull - NB if the time sent by the GPS Arduino is not approx what is expected by the others there might be a communication flaw or other bug