one DC motor with arduino AND momentary button on-switches

I’m new to this, so please cut me some slack.

I am putting together a project that uses peristaltic pumps. There is no issue right now when everything is set and ready to go, my arduino makes the pumps go just fine. The problem is that the pumps need to be primed to get the correct measurements out and I don’t want to take an arduino approach to priming them.

I’d like to have a separate momentary switch for each pump that I can just hold to run the pumps long enough to prime them. I think I understand how I can use the arduino to do this and I also understand how to just put switches on a motor, but I can do both at the same time?

For example, can I just add switches between the power supply and the pumps to trigger them independently of the arduino even though all of the other wiring is intact? If I did so, would I need to have some way to make sure the electricity doesn’t backflow to the microcontroller? I found a lot of tutorials that show you how to set up two switches to run a motor forwards and backwards but I want both the switch and the arduino to run the motor forwards.

Thanks for your help!

How is the Arduino connected to the motor? If it's a simple NPN transistor between the minus side of the motor and Ground you can just put a switch across the transistor.

Yes, that makes perfect sense. I don't know why I didn't think of that. Thank you.