One HC-05 Bluetooth Module for two Arduinos?

I see lots of posts about 2 bluetooth modules connecting to each other, but I haven't seen a single post about ONE HC-05 sending commands to two arduinos simultaneously (if it already exists please redirect me).

I want to be able to control 8 servos (which requires two arduinos) with a single bluetooth gamepad.

Is it as simple as having two wires come out of the HC-05's TXD into each Arduino? I believe I do not need to have anything coming in to the HC-05's RXD because I am just sending commands from the bluetooth module to the arduinos.

I am new to Arduino as a whole, so sorry if I am asking a dumb question. I don't really know enough about all this to even know if this is a dumb question, but it just seems possible and I'm curious if anyone else has done something similar.


Provided the data sent contains information that makes the two controllers know to which motor the incoming string is intended for, yes, it should work.

and that's all I needed to hear! thanks so much!!!!

as an update for anyone still reading this, I didn't realize that servos work with any pin, analog or digital, so I don't think I need 2 arduinos after all...

Haha. Good luck!

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