One LED brighter than other?

Hi the Arduino official starter kit in yesterday, and have been experimenting around trying to write basic programs without the book. I've been having a common problem though, and that's one LED is brighter than the other. Can anyone find something wrong I've put in the code? The error is on pin 4.

int switchState = (0); void setup(){ pinMode(2, INPUT); pinMode(3, OUTPUT); pinMode(4, INPUT); } void loop(){ switchState = digitalRead(2); if (switchState == LOW) { digitalWrite(3, LOW); digitalWrite(4, HIGH); } else{ digitalWrite(3, LOW); digitalWrite(4, HIGH); delay(250); digitalWrite(4, LOW); delay(250); digitalWrite(3, HIGH); digitalWrite(4, LOW); delay(250); digitalWrite(3, LOW); delay(250); } }

You have pin 4 as an INPUT....

Lol wow..don't know how I didn't catch that. Thanks, worked.