one more problems with womarts lcd tft :(

hello friends,

Today I received the LCD TFT 3.2 "for UNO bought on ebay to member womarts You can see here

After several attempts librarias and such, just lit the "backlight" white, asked the salesman who wore Librarie and he sent me a link to the Librarie TFTLCD with ide0022.

After passing the test code sent by him, "tftpaint" the atrophy whole screen full of white lines always flashing and such.

think the problem is LCD or not?

I saw this video

and the same happens to me the video at 1m:45 seconds, but mine is connected directly to the UNO.

what can it be?


Did you find a solution? I bought the same LCD + SD Shield from Womart and it is flickering uncontrollably, yet unflickers when I press the button on the shield.

already managed by the animal give right. :)

I had to call well in protoboard:

LCD_RD -> 5v 3.3v -> 5v 5v -> 5v

As already again. :)

I lack now are able to use a library more recently, the only one that I can give is for the ide TFTLCD 0022. : (

best regards

Hey, You wired 5V to LCD_RD instead of a signal pin? What did you do with 3.3V? Sorry, I don't quite understand.

Thanks! :)

hello friend,

exactly, I called the pin LCD_RD direct to 5v, instead of being bound in A0.

and 3.3 V also connected to 5v.

I had to turn everything on protoboard, it is not possible to use the shield to function properly. : (

Thanks! It works now!

Cut LCD_RD trace and soldered it to 5V. Cut 3.3V Trace and soldered it to 5V.

Good work!

Now, the code Womarts gave to use Bitmaps on the SD card do not even compile, any luck?


I got one of these from the same eBay seller and am pretty bummed. I am pretty new to Arduino. Can you explain what you guys where talking about a little more in depth. I have no idea what most of it meant.

I understand that this won't work on an Arduino board directly and needs to be on the breadboard and then you switch some of the ports around and use which existing library?

Can I get a little more explanation?

All I get is a white screen when it is plugged directly into the board. No flickering lines. No libraries work. I don't know how to breadboard it.

I wrote to Womart and they sent me the datasheet and the library that goes with it.

I put it on my Dropbox. I don't know if putting the link here works, but if you need it and this doesn't work you can write Womart via eBay.

is the same thing that he sent to me. :) if anyone getting leave the image without problems when using these libs, you say. :)

here I had to change a few connections on breadboard.

Is anyone having problems with the code in the libraries he sent? particularly this line: TFTLCD tft(LCD_CS, LCD_CD, LCD_WR, LCD_RD, LCD_RESET);

puts the folder TFTLCD in: arduino / libraries /

I'am trying to figure out how to have a touch screen button my LCD screen. I see how you can write the function but what are the defines of xm,ym,xp and yp. What pins do those defines go to? I need your help! Thank you.

The libraries work fine thank you! :) I'am trying to create a touch screen button and I need the defines to xm,ym,xp, and yp, what pins on the arduino do those connect to?

I’am trying to create a touch screen button on my 3.2" tft LCD for my arduino uno and I need the defines to xm,ym,xp, and yp, what pins on the arduino do those connect to?

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Greetings users,

Ok, so lets review what we know;

The LCD shield (3.2" Hiduino TFT LCD), once inserted into the UNO stays a white screen or flickers. (It stays white for me) *A breadboard is recommended to move towards resolution and we have ruled out inserting it directly into the UNO board (resolution being to at least get data displaying on the screen) *Upon compiling the code given by the seller (also available by **nuwud's* Dropbox, props btw) it seems the code runs into a invalid line: TFTLCD tft(LCD_CS, LCD_CD, LCD_WR, LCD_RD, LCD_RESET); Note: I also get this. Although I got the code from the seller via email request over eBay. *Cut LCD_RD trace and soldered it to 5V. Cut 3.3V Trace and soldered it to 5V. So does this mean that the 5V slot on the UNO requires two wires going into it?

Do we agree that this is the consensus?

Extras: I am awaiting a response from the same trader that focuses on asking some of these questions. I will let you know when I receive an update.

I had the same flickering white lines om mega (5V).

Put the same display om "Freaduino" (can switch between 3.3V and 5V) Result: Perfectly OK when running on 3.3V White, flickering lines when running on 5V

Maybe as simple as a resistor in series with each dataline can to the trick of reducing input voltage in the right direction...