One more question about the Arduino

Has anyone worked with voice recognition and such. To have the robot talk to you and also understand you? If so, what boards work well with a Legible voice that you could actually understand what it was saying to you? I was thinking even Mp3 or wav programmed to play at a certain environment.


well, lets put it this way - the voice recognition on my PC is blow, it barely understands me, even with “fine tuning” and a very nice microphone… and even still, the system is very complicated… i doubt something as complicated could be achieved with the arduino, and something on a simpler scale - well, perhaps, but I doubt it would go far…

I can’t remember where, but I’ve seen a voice recognition module, which detects a couple of words.
Don’t invent the wheel unless you have too, use the Ardunio for tasks it’s good at, control.

I think tone recognition would be a challenge, let alone voice recognition.

but he clearly has the pc register the command and then tell the arduino what to do… so yeah, thats one way

You could always have a small pc motherboard to do complicated tasks like that on your robot and use the arduino for the hardware control parts.