ONE-NET using 433Mhz wireless and Arduino UNO in home automation project

Hi all, Just ordered my first Arduino. So I'm kinda new to all this. I have some electronics and programming experience but that was ages (14 years) ago.. I'm now a Network Eng. I'm hoping to use some of the ONE-NET open standard in a home automation project. First will be to try and control the 433Mhz remote switch units I already have from a web page running on a PC/server. The server will connect to the Arduino over tcp/ip using the Ethernet Shield. Later I would like to build sensors and more secure switches using a standard like ONE-NET and its stack. I looked at DASH7 but I'm not sure it's ready for someone with my experence level yet. If I can I will start out using the ONE-NET stack just to build it up and get used to it.. It dosn't seem to be mentioned on these forums yet. Has anyone any experience with ONE-NET especially on Arduino and 433Mhz? I posted a similar note on the ONE-NET forum and got a reply so I can get some help there but they are not necessarily familiar with Arduino. I see there are plenty of home automation projects to use as references. I'll try to select just one to get started, but has anyone got a suggestion on some good ones to look at? Any comments welcome. Good idea/bad idea, or use a different approach perhaps!

Many thanks.

I know nothing about one-net, and it isn't obvious from the website, but if the evaluation modules use RS232, then they can be easily interfaced to any Arduino boards. You may need a level-shifter, as common Arduino boards have logic-level RS232. They also all have SPI and I2C comms, if that is useful.

Also, a major factor is the smaller Arduino bds, like the UNO, only have 1 RS232 h.w. UART, so development will be a lot easier with a bd like the Mega, which has multiple UARTs.

Also, the "Networking, Protocols, and Devices" section of the forum has a lot of people using RF devices, some 433 Mhz, although I've not noticed any one-net.