one of 2 Arduino nano 33 iot boards not showing up

I have just received 2 nano 33 IOT boards. One is working fine, the other does not show up in the operating system (not in Port in Arduino, usb devices, or /dev) The green power light is on, but nothing else. Is there any way to reset or flash a bootloader on to it or is this DOA. I'm on a Mac running High Sierra.

Try this: press the reset button twice in quick succession. Does the "L" LED start slowly pulsing after doing that? If so, you should now find a port for your board in the Tools > Port menu and be able to upload to it. After that first upload, you should not need to do the double tap trick for every upload; you should just be able to upload normally after that.

Thanks for the reply. L light does not come on - been in touch with the store and it is not working, so will be replaced


We are facing same problem with Windows 7 and 10. Is there a way out ?

I had same problem with 1 of 2 IoTs i ordered. Device would not be recognized by windows. Tried different cables / machine / win7 / win10. Store sent out a free replacement.

I have the same issue. The led is green, but nothing happens. Its strange cause it worked for a couple of hours, then suddenly the OS could not recognise the port. I've tried the double press method, but nothing happens.

I had the same problem where the board worked for a while, then stopped, just a green light, double tap the reset did not work. I reflashed the bootloader with a J-Link and recovered the boards.