One of my libraries isn't being recognized

Hello. I'm new to arduino, so the answer may be obvious and I just don't see it.

I'm trying to upload code to my arduino board, but I keep getting compiling errors of the form "function isn't declared in scope." I know that the functions it's talking about are defined in some of the libraries I'm using, so it must not be recognizing the libraries.

First question: How do I tell if the software recognizes the library? I notice in the code that some of the include statements are highlighted while others aren't, so is that something?

Second question: Why would it not be recognizing the library? I'm running the beta version of arduino (the stable ironically doesn't work for some reason). I'm using ubuntu 18. I've run the program using the "sudo arduino" command in the terminal. I've manually moved the libraries into the /root/Arduino/libraries folder. The library it seems to not be recognizing is "Adafruit_BMP085_Library."

If anyone has any solutions to these problems I would be very thankful.


Usually a library won't be recognized if it is meant for a certain arduino (e.g., a Micro), and you are trying to upload to a different type (e.g., an UNO). This is the best I can help unless you, again, post all of your code and error messages.

Hope this helps!