One Serial Port For Two Connections

I need to develop a project where the Arduino collects data remotely (not connected to a computer) onto a data logger. The data logger needs to be accessible remotely using an Xbee radio. In other words, it will have two parts a remote module and reader.

Remote Module- will have an Arduino, sensor, xbee radio and data logger connected together. Reader- will be my laptop, Arduino and xbee radio to read the data from the data logger as I walk by.

I wanted to please ask:

  • It looks like the xbee radio requires the same tx/rx connection as my data logger. I could be mistaken though. Do I need the Arduino Mega 2560 as it has mutliple serial connections or will it just make development easier?

  • Do you have any examples of reading data from data logger remotely? I can always modify it to suit my needs, but I just can't find any examples (though it must have been done before).

Which data logger do you have? There are many and I don't know any one of them that would occupy the hardware serial port for data logging. Post product page and spec sheet.

I have been working with two:

From what I can see, these just connect to the tx/rx connectors (not sure if they don't allow other communications). The spec sheet is also available from those links. I would greatly appreciate your assistance.


I recommend you to use software serial for these loggers and hardware serial for Xbee. Arduino IDE has included software serial lib and sample code. It's just like hardware serial (sort of).

I am not completely new, but fairly new to this. What do you mean by mean by software and hardware serial?

Do you (or anyone else know )if I can use the Arduino Uno for this project and have any examples of how to code this? Thanks again.

It means you can use Arduino's digital pins for serial communications. See here.

I will give it a try and let you know what happens on this thread or on a new thread. It may take me some time (1 to 3 weeks), but I will follow-up. I do have another question about battery life before I start the project. I will post this as a new thread as the subject is different. thanks again!