One SPI master(arduino), two slaves(arduinos). Need advice.


I have read all I can find on arduino SPI but it still don't reveal it self to me, I don't understand which of SPI, newSoftSerial and the other avalible serial communication options I should use. I am building a two channel power supply and am going to use one arduino to manage each channel and one master arduino to maintain the user interface/LCD and direct the two slaves as new user input is entered.

newSoftSerial sounds great with the ability to receive data into the RX buffer while doing other stuff but it does not seem to use a SS control, or am I wrong?

Might anyone direct to the most suitable library?


Firstly newSoftSerial has nothing to do with SPI.

If you need to use SPI for > 1 device you have to implement the CS signals for each device yourself, normally this is done with a couple of output pins.

If you just want two or three Arduinos to talk you could used newSoftSerial as well, there are many ways, but I would ask why you think you need multiple Arduinos for what appears to be a simple task.