One Thing Causing Change to Another Thing's Property


I know that it is not currently possibly for two Things to share the same property (except by using the Api). However, is it possible for one Thing to change the property of another Thing? For reference, I am creating a simple system where there are two lights, and when one person changes the color of their light it should change the other person's light to the same color. I am able to have the information sent to the cloud and change it in the dashboard, but I can't get one Thing's property to connect to another thing. Is this only possible via the api?

Thank you!


right now there’s no directly accessible information routing across things or boards, but APIs can allow you to orchestrate such things.
You might use the WebHooks functionality to call an endpoint that does things with the API.
Every time a value changes on one thing a WebHook would be triggered and the script at the endpoint could make API calls to the other thing

I will look into that; thank you!!