One way wireless data sending with RF 433MHz modules

Hey folks,
I am trying to make color recognition wireless. I have used the example named ColorMatch_TCS230 in MD_TCS230 library in this link
I am getting results in serial monitor like in the pic attached below.
Now, I am supposed to send this data wireless using RF 433MHz modules to other arduino and to see this data in LCD screen connected to this arduino. I got codes to make wireless which are written using VirtualWire library but I dont have any idea how to combine my ColorMatch_TCS230 code and transmitter code to send data and the same for getting data with receiver and to write them in LCD screen. Anyone can help me about that? ? ? (Transmitter-receiver codes are attached below and code for color recognition is in library in the link → Examples–> ColorMatch_TCS230 )

transmitter.txt (878 Bytes)

receiver.txt (1 KB)

See this tutorial--- ControlRobotics: Tutorial: Arduino + Kit rf 433Mhz (Part4: Multiple variables)
check the TX sketch there. It has the exact resource you are looking for.
Read values
Put them in an array
send the whole string.

Rx sketch
receive the string
cut that into separate values
You get the meaningful data

Add These lines in your RX sketch to see whats going on via the serial monitor...


Put the above code right after the following line in the RX codesscanf(StringReceived, "%d,%d,%d,%d,%d,%d",&Sensor1Data, &Sensor2Data,&SensorData3,&SensorData4); // Converts a string to an array