One Wire DS18B20 Parasitic Mode Star Network

In my previous home I had a common bus cable run around the whole home. Six sensors were wired onto the same pair and using a 5K pot at ~3k3 it was stable.

In my new home each room is a home run to a cable panel. Hooking things up as they were will run fine to any one cable (with a single sensor), but when I loop the bus jumper to any additional cable the readings are hit and miss - often the sensor doesn't even ID and it gets picked up by the "unknown sensor" code. It seems there isn't enough "juice" to support the star network. I tried bumping the 750ms delay to 900ms, too. I've also tried dialing the pot down to no avail.

So, since this is on a Mega I have plenty of pins, could I burn a dedicated pin for each cable run? For ex, D22 = Kitchen, D23 = Patio, D24 = Bedroom, and do on? Can OW even address multiple pins?

Maybe I'm screwed. Thanks in advance.