One wire with 2 MCU

Hello guys,

I am working on one wire technology. I am searching for possibilities to make connection between 2 Micro controller units but I am getting resources only with 1 MCU and sensors like temperature and humidity etc. can any one will tell the possibility.

Yes, its possibly, but it can be tricky. There's a OneWire slave library available in github - serveral actually, but I think this one is the most useful: GitHub - mikaelpatel/Arduino-OWI: One Wire Interface (OWI) library for Arduino
It didn't work for me though, a s instead of trying to fix it, I more or less rewrote the slave library. It's not online though. It did tell me that the protocol is somewhat finicky to implement reliably. I'd suggest using I2C instead if it's feasible; it would save you a lot of trouble.

thank so much koraks, even I have found the library but there is some difficulties. your feedback cleared my queries.