Onewire/Dallas with NANO-EVERY?

I have a NANO-EVERY with a connected DS18B20 temperture sensor (with 4.7K pull-up). I installed the Arduino-Temperature-Control-Library. All the example code (Dallas/Single and Dallas/searchWire) fails to detect the sensor or read the temperture. I have tried multiple ports. The same setup works like a charm on my CubeCell (HTCC-AB01) board. I have no other Arduino boards to test with. My question is if there are challanges using NANO-EVERY with OneWire?

Probably the lib is using direct port io, and the “emulation” that the Every core provides isn’t fast enough to meet the timing requirements.
Turn off the emulation to check (it would result in compile errors.)

I checked the Paul Stoffregen OneWire library (v2.3.6), and it does contain code that is supposed to work on the 4809 (including Nano Every.)

Which library and version are you using?

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