OneWire in normal mode?

So I've got this OneWire Digital Temp. sensor (DS18B20), and it works pretty well, I've pretty much just copied the code from the example on the Playground and started working from there. I apologize if my searches around the forum have not been thorough enough, but I couldn't not find any related issues.

What I am hoping to do is turn parasite mode off. Line 42 of the example on the playground reads as follow:

  ds.write(0x44,1);         // start conversion, with parasite power on at the end

I could not find any instructions on how to not use Parasite mode, only that it was possible. After checking the source for the library and function write, I find this:

// Write a byte. The writing code uses the active drivers to raise the
// pin high, if you need power after the write (e.g. DS18S20 in
// parasite power mode) then set 'power' to 1, otherwise the pin will
// go tri-state at the end of the write to avoid heating in a short or
// other mishap.
void OneWire::write(uint8_t v, uint8_t power) {

So I eduguessed that setting power to 0 would result in parasite power beeing off. The results were however that I recieved temperatures at around 128 degrees Celcius inside my appartment, which most would agree is not exactly probable.

Any ideas?

Thanks, d3x

When using the ds18b20 in parasite power mode the Vdd pin(3) should be grounded, when operating off separate power, Vdd should be connected to 5V. Per page 6 of the data sheet.