OneWire Library Adaptation for Zero Possible?

Is anyone working with 1-Wire devices using a modified legacy OneWire library (, that apparently does support the SAM Due architecture, but not the SAMD) with any success?

I am not yet versed in the low level details of the Zero Core for generating an efficient OneWire implementation. As time permits, it is possible.

To avoid creating a hardware specific/semi-non-portable solution, I am thinking about interfacing a Dallas Semi 1-Wire Master chip (DS2484 or similar via I2C) to avoid the bit-banging solution. Then would create two API layers, generic DS network interfaces and then, based on the 1-Wire device, a solution library for the initial prototype project, a sealed temperature sensor set of APIs.

Thanks in advance for your valuable time!

Indialantic, FL

I recently updated OneWire for Zero and other boards. I personally tested it on Zero. All you have to do is update to the latest OneWire version and it'll work. Easy!