Ongoing Arduino/Pi problem with ParsingI2C code

Hi there and forgive any intrusion but I am despairing of ever resoling this issue that is holding up my current project. As you appear to be a Pi guru perhaps you might help.

The project centres around from "" and its subsequent parts. The "Arduino" sketch provided contains a Parse I2cData function which persistently fails to tokenize out the "Command" and "Parameter" values despite being able to read them (manually) from the array I2CinBuffer.

The problem seems, in part, to be that the Adafruit_I2C "write_list" function produces leading spaces. I have tried everything that I can think of to correct this but have failed miserably.

The original code writer does not respond to emails and Adafruit support have so far, been helpful, but have drawn a blank saying that they have no idea where or why the spaces are generated.

Many thanks in anticipation.

Please post your code (use code tags, the </> button on the toolbar).

Post links to any non-standard libraries you are using.

And give examples of the output you are getting and what you expect.