Online Arduino software is stuck on validating license

Subject says it all. WHat license is it trying to validate and why is it just stuck there? Have waited for 2 hour fruitlessly. Please help.

Hi @arvram,

Is the issue still happening?

Did you purchase a subscription from the Chrome Web Store or an educational one directly from Arduino?

I have the same problem, i already purchased the license an hour ago, but when i upload it keeps saying that my trial expired. It is i very annoying hurdle.

Are there any solutions to this problem. I am also in the loop saying my free trial has expired and although I have purchased the app, it will not allow me to upload. Loop = free trial expired, go to playstore, app purchased, open app, back to to Arduino Web, try to upload, - free trial expired loop begins again!

I am having the same issue after ordering the app!

I just experienced this as well after purchasing through the Chrome OS Web store. After abt 20 mins, I tried rebooting the Chromebook and reopened the app. Afterwards, when the console displayed "Validating license...", a Google login popup appeared. After confirming the google account to be used, the validation and upload completed successfully.