Online Data logging (from multiple sensors)


I am planning on using the following tutorial to build a system with a range of sensors, that sends the data to online storage.

I need to use the following sensors:

Tilt (for a window)
Nitrous Oxide
Sulphur Oxide
Air flow through a room.

Sparkfun sells sensors for Temp and Tilt so that I'll probably just purchase those there. I will also purchase their arduino, XBee shield etc.

Can anyone recommend sensors for the remainder which will be compatible with the project? Also, how difficult do you think it will be to add to the code so that the system logs all of this data (I am new to arduino).



You clearly have a big project in mind and as such i’m surprised that you haven’t found more by simply using google…

Anyway a really common temp and humidity sensor is the DHT11 (I’ve recently used this as part of a WiFi temperature monitoring device) available for £1-3 each.

The Gas type sensors aren’t so commonly used and a quick google search indicates they are available but not so cheap.

Now measuring airflow in the room is not going to be simple - I’m assuming it is in a standard room with multiple access and exit points? Unless you have a serious draft the net velocity of air in the room is going to be very low and any localised higher velocity points aren’t going to be representative. It is actually a big modelling problem and one which lots of research is still being done on (I know because my friend just completed his MEng dissertation on a similar problem a few months ago).

In terms of making it a wireless network if your setting up in your home with an existing WiFi network and want to view data on a PC then I recommend using NodeMCU (ESP8266 dev board) and UDP method to transfer the data (tutorial here). The ESP8266 can be both the Microcontroller (compatible with Arduino IDE) and include the WiFi connectivity for about £6-8. less than an Xbee alone