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Hi i am quite new to using Arduino and im wanting some one on one help online but im not sure whats a good site for that if anyone has some recommendations thanks!

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Other general help and troubleshooting advice can be found here.
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You can get one on one help from a lot of places, but here is a many to one platform.
If you:

  • Post proper questions with code and schematics as applicable
  • Read the materials provided in replies (like the one above mine)
  • Answer questions asked by those trying to help
  • Do your best to help yourself in the process

then a lot of the incredibly talented users here will go out of their way to help you and you may not need expensive one on one help.

There is a forum here for jobs and paid consultancy. Most of the threads there are asking for a project to be done rather than a teaching assignment though.

Hi @bridgete99
as you see there are a lot of people on this site just waiting to give you some help!
You may find the information on my site useful

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