Online meat thermometer using C# Webforms and CC3000

I have an idea for a project that me and a friend of mine would love to do. After several days of research (and mostly getting more and more confused) I have decided to post the question here (I am now realizing that I should have done this a long time ago :drooling_face: )

I want to make a meat thermometer that can connect to a C# Webform hosted on Microsoft Azure. I have seen a plethora of articles about the various parts of the project, however as I am new to development the pieces don't seem to connect. I know that this is a very arduous and ambitious project, but I know that with your help I will be able to achieve it. Here are more details about the project:

  1. The meat thermometer is to be used to check the temperature of a smoker connected to a WiFi hot-spot via the adafruit CC3000 breakout board. (Adafruit has an example that they call "cloud thermometer" but it's mainly for local networks, and the code is complicated as hell, not really what I need).

  2. The devices that will see the website to check for temperature will not be connected to the same network as the arduino.

  3. I want to use Microsoft Azure to host the site as I have free hosting with them.

Are there any other options, ideas, and ways I can tackle this project?

I greatly appreciate your help, as I am currently stuck trying to understand how will the Arduino actually communicate with the webform.