Online source for PCB for milling?

when i get my CNC finished, i plan to be able to mill my own PCB. other than eBay, what is a good source for double-sided copper PCB?

now that i have figured out how to get PCB milling files from Eagle, it is a brave new world for my projects! :smiley:


Could you amend your subject to include country? After all, one might assume you were in the USA!

I guess that all depends on the quantity!

Be aware there is NO production of FR4 laminate made in the USA. Also recently read the availability of FR4 laminate is about 50% of requirements, due to copper requirements of all the electric automobiles. They predicted that to ease in 2018.

So, Ebay is as good as any.


I suggest you climb Mount Everest before you attempt double sided milling.
The effort in milling both sides is not worth the effort.
Use jumpers and SMD zero ohm resistors to jump over traces.


Why is it so hard? It would seem like al you would need to do is index zero and have at it. If you drilled a small hole through the board and use that as zero you could ensure that zero was at the same place. (would actually be x max, y max, not zero when flipped.

Over the years I have made about 25 DS PCB with the CNC machine.
However, it is just not worth the effort.

I suggest SS sided designs with jumpers if need be.
Many times you can omit the jumper by using a SMD 1206 0 Ω resistor on the foil side or can use a small piece of wire wrap wire.

You never really get satisfactory line width definition with a CNC as the bit has width to account for. For example, it is impossible to get a trace between I.C. pads.

For DIY boards I now only use the photo resist method where you can get better than 10 thou widths.
Even with the photo resist method, I limit designs to one side and use the SMD trick to jump over tracks.


I've bought several time from PCB Laminates,Copper Clad | eBay Stores and I'm pretty happy with them, even if they can't seem to match their photos to their item descriptions...
They seem to have more single-sided stock than most places (and IN COLORS!); around here surplus stores sold (used to sell) double-sided leftovers from fabs (I guess) at something like $0.05/sq in, but most of it was double-sided.

I use those 90% of the time, I get no ragged edges, they are sharp!
20 degree seem to be best for my work.
10% of the time I use a three fluted version.

Buy lots, you will have to adjust your cut speeds and tool speeds so they don't break.

These will round over and wear down so they have to be changed out at this point.

Down-cutting spiral are too large for PCB application.