online workshops for beginners?

I am pretty new in the programming world. Yes, I can blink an led, I know a fair amount about electricity/electronics/pwm/ac/dc voltage and the likes. I have just stumbled accrossed the arduino world and am well.......Hooked. Problem, I have no formal training in programming and no classes for the hobbist around here. I have read "getting started w/ arduino".....a couple times. and am currently working on a few small projects. the only interaction into this world for me is here. Are there online workshops for people like me. Any recommondations on good books for this? Thanks Brian

There is the book 'making things talk' which teaches you quite a bit and is a good read.

There aren't many good places/workshops/online things for learning arduino. That is why I am making my website. This is not yet up and by the time it is properly filled with stuff, you will probably have learnt enough to teach others but it will be there in the near future for future newbies to arduino. :)


Hi, you can have a look at this, there is a guy who is writing a beginners tutorial . :)

greetings andi

thanks andi, although this may be too beginner, it is still a good read. I can see this manual being very useful for alot of pepole. Thanks again, Brian

It may seam trivial as far as the simple circuits presented but it is, in my option, more focused towards breaking down the code side of the arduino. Its a good starting point for learning how to program in the arduino's version of C.

There aren't many good places/workshops/online things for learning arduino.

Just to say have you missed the playground section of the web site:- This has a ton of links of to some very good sites and covers a lot of stuff. Especially check out:-