Only 4 Leds Lighting up in led strip after being cut and re attatched

So I want to preface this by saying that the strip used to work fine until I cut and soldered a wire between it to make it longer. now the first led is white and the second is a greenish blue that I don't know where it is coming from, none of the other leds are on(if this doesn't make sense I have linked a photo). what would cause this? please help

Posting a link to imgur is bad because of all the spam it uploads to your computer, can you post it correctly please, when you read the how to use this forum sticky post it tells you how to attach an image.

If it worked before and doesn’t now, then you must have screwed something up but without seeing a good picture of what you did it is impossible to tell what. It is important to note that any change in the wiring of any circuit is that it must always be done with the power disconnect.

OK, the said spam is not worrying me, arguably because of some Firefox add-ons.

The problem with those two pictures is they are taken in darkness and do not show your entire setup including the Arduino, power supply and the connections in question. And we have no idea what the LEDs are supposed to be displaying because you have not precisely described that and not shown any code to give us a hint. And your other posts demonstrate you know perfectly well how to post images and code. :roll_eyes:

To be usable, pictures need to be taken in outside daylight but not full sun, precisely focused and shown with a resolution no less than 1024 by 768.

So yes, in short we have no idea what you have done, right or wrong. :astonished: