Only COM1 port can be enabled for Arduino UNO on WINDOWS 7


I work on Windows 7 and the Arduino Software can see only COM1 on my computer, when the UNO board is connected to USB port so the COM3 port by default.
Is someone can explain to me how to setup the COM3 port to be seen on the Arduino Software ?
You can see the attach Windows7ArduinoUnoCom1.jpg file
Thank you so much for your help.



The Arduino serialMonitor is just like anyother serial communication program like putty when it comes to showing the com ports available and connecting to them.
So your Arduino serial monitor shows all the available ports on your computer(whether they are your arduinos connected or samsung smartphones! or anyother possible serial port emulating device!) whether virtual or hardware in the Serial Ports drop down menu so simply your computer has some problems with the usb drivers(try updating FTDi drivers if its a regular Duemilanove) OR your Arduino is faulty.