Only Dig-Pin 9-10 works with the servos on my Due


I wonder whether I need to setup something so I can use the other PWM pins on my Duemilanove to control servos. For some reasons only pin 9 - 10 works.

Any help appreciated!

It sounds like you're using an older library. I recall that limitation being around earlier. Is your software up to date?

hi, 0013 alpha. I am downloading 016...

I tried the simplest one, Sweep. I checked pin 3, 5, 6 and 11, for some reasons the servo does not move... any other suggestions I could try?
thank you.


9 and 10 are the only pins supported using the official Arduino servo library. If you want to use other pins then you can use the megaservo library: Arduino Playground - MegaServo

Aha... thank you! It works:)