OOP guidance asked.

I am rebuilding a project to use OOP approach.
The objective is to display a video frame on LCD.
I have the piece-parts figured out and some are working, using class inheritance.
There are plenty of code examples using class inheritance, no problem there.
For example LCD (SPI) inherits from PRINT (UART) and works fine.
Now how do I include VIDEO( USB) into OOP scheme?
Perhaps like this
VIDEO( USB) inherits from LCD (SPI) inherits from PRINT (UART)
using "frame" object as common?

Please advise or suggest another OOP scheme.

Cosa. Faster, smaller, clean design.


Thanks, but...
It would not be "baby steps", but jump, I am not ready to take.
Besides after brief look at the spec , it was build for AVR and I am using ARM / Due.
Too much hardware changes to make, sorry.
I just need to make this work first, maybe I'll tackle cosa later. .
PS Looks as multiple inheritance will do for now.