OP AMP for mosfet gate ?

hello everyone. I wonder how about using like max6675 or lm358 op amp. is it work for mosfert’s gate



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Work to do what?

The MAX6675 is not an op amp.

The LM358 can't drive its output to the 5V rail either, so you might not turn on the MOSFET properly if
powered from 5V.

Question: do you want to drive the MOSFET as an analog device or to switch it? If you want to switch it
use a MOSFET driver, not an opamp.

If you do want to drive a logic level MOSFET from an opamp at 5V it should be fully rail-to-rail on the
output, and you'll need a small resistor of a few hundred ohms on the opamp's output so that its stable
when driving a capacitive load (MOSFET gates are capacitive).

Perhaps if you said what you are trying to do it would help?