Op amp voltage filter?

I've got an op amp circuit providing between an output signal that is between +15v and -15v, I want to send the positive portion of of the op amp signal to one destination and the negative portion to another (IE when the op-amp is outputting anything from 0 to 15v it goes down one wire whereas when it is outputting anything from 0 to -15v it sends this signal down a different wire).

This is for a galvanometer which requires the +/-15v so I don't think I can use a diode circuit as it will cut off bits of the low voltages.

I'm sure this can be done I just don't remember the type of op-amp circuit to google for this application. Any pointers much appreciated.

Cheers in advance.

Looks like the circuit I was after is an ideal rectifier op-amp circuit or super diode circuit if anyone else goes looking for how to do this in future.

You could google precision rectifier.

Build two of these, but reverse the diode(s) in one to give a negative output.

Magic cheers just discovered it while googling, I take it I have to use the same value resistance for R1 and R2 to simply pass the inputted signal otherwise it will further amplify the signal?