Open Hardware Journal launched

Open Hardware Journal is a new publication about open hardware. It's being edited by Bruce Perens, and published in PDF format.

There's also a Slashdot discussion thread where Bruce will be answering questions.

I downloaded and had a quick browse, will read properly later.

Looks good, there's a lot in that first edition, will he be able to keep it going with that much content do you think?


Hard to say. Bruce Perens is both smart and dedicated, so I'd say that's a good sign. And I did note a call for submissions. I guess time will tell how well it's received, and whether they get enough writers. Given the success of Makezine, I think there's potential, though I guess they're shooting for a more narrow niche.

Talking about open hardware, Wyolum will award 2 innovation grants of $1,000 each, read the official announcement here:

Interesting reading.

However... did anyone else check out the link to the high-performance software-defined radio? The article said to follow the link ( for designs and parts kits, but instead you'll find a bit of Open Source....uh... dirty laundry?

I suspect they wanted to post the link to the Open HPSDR project instead.

Probably not the sort of vibe they really want to project.

Just sayin'


Oops, not much love lost there.