Open Pandora compiling and downloading to Arduino

I thought this might be useful information if anyone else is looking to use just their Open Pandora device to program, compile and upload to their Arduino device.
(I have specifically built/coded for the Duemilanove, but with a few minor mods you could port this to other variants)

I've uploaded a youtube video (link at end of above post), to demonstrate the C code, running make and the uploading to the Arduino itself and then the infamous flashing led doing it's thing.

I searched for quite sometime without finding any help/guidance on how to get these two devices to work together and now that I've got them to work, I thought I'd share to help anyone else out on this journey.

The Arduino IDE has now been ported to run on the Open Pandora device!

Find the download on the Repo here:

I've tested it, it works well (just remember the bit about turning USB Host on and selecting the correct Serial Port).

If you have custom libraries, drop them into /mnt/utmp/hdonk_arduino/arduino/libraries (mkdir from command line and it'll work okay)

..and here's a youtube video using the new Arduino IDE on the Open Pandora coding for 2 custom libraries and uploading to an Arduino and getting the voice recognition hardware / LCD and relays to work - all from the Open Pandora. how cool is that?! well, it is for me....

(apologies for the out-of-focus camera, but you get the idea....)