open smart LGPD4524 on esp8266

anyone did manage to display test the open smart LGPD4524 on ESP8266 or ESP32?

Please post a link to the actual display that you have bought e.g. Ebay sale page


I am using - trying - this

tft open-smart

thanks for checking


I am using - trying - this

tft open-smart

thanks for checking

Your link did not work. I had to remove your padding to reveal 2.0 "3,3 V TFT LCD Touchscreen Breakout Board Mit Touch Stift Whosale & Dropship|tft lcd touch screen|lcd touchtft lcd touch - AliExpress

The photos look like a 3.3V Open Smart. The Chinese are clever. They omit any photos of the pcb which would identify it precisely.

The text says ST7735
I suspect that the display will have the correct device printed on the pcb.

If you tell me what the pcb says I can give you a proper answer (for libraries)

If your question is about ESP8266. The answer is NO. There are not enough pins to control a parallel display.
The ESP32 has more pins.

I would be very interested if you have a 3.3V Zero, Due, ESP32, STM32, Teensy3.x, ...


Hi David,


would a WIFI D1 R2 ESP8266 dev. board, 32M flash - RobotDyn

robotdyn / wemos D1 R2 work maybe?


to reveal

but even on the leonard I did manage to get this working.

Go on. Is it so difficult to read what is printed on the pcb ?

I have a similar 3.3V Open Smart that says:

2.2" TFT LCD w/ Touch Screen
Driver IC: ILI9225

You just have to copy what it says for Driver IC



I do not see the pcb on the display?

link this threat is about the same :

on mine it says

2.0" TFT LCD w/ Touch Screen[color=#222222][/color]
Driver IC: LGDP4524

Well that was not too difficult. LGDP4524 is a genuine part number. (as compared to the typo in your title)

If you have an MCUFRIEND_kbv compatible target, I will post a test Branch on GitHub. (if you are prepared to give some feedback)

I don’t think that there are any regular libraries that support LGDP4524. But Open-Smart have probably got a hacked library of some form.


Sorry my answer had the typ0.
Driver should be LGPD4524

Yes happy to give some feedback:

If you have an MCUFRIEND_kbv compatible target, I will post a test Branch on GitHub. (if you are prepared to give some feedback)

I have an uno and leonard and the Wemos/RobotDyn Boards

I have a datasheet for LGDP4524 which is a 176RGBx220-dot, 262,144-color 1-chip TFT LCD driver IC made by LG Electronics.

I can't write anything for LGPD4524 without a datasheet or even a manufacturer.

Both Uno and Leonardo have 5V logic which requires 13 level shifter channels.
Your Wemos D1 does not have 13 available GPIO pins but at least it has 3.3V logic.

If you really want a 176x220 display, buy an SPI ILI9225 display.
Otherwise buy 128x160 ST7735, 240x240 ST7789, 240x320 ILI9341, 320x480 ST7796 SPI display.



I also have this one:

but saying KMRTM24024-SPI

on the other one is says only
open-smart : 2" tft lcd w/touch and the driver ic LGDP4524 mentioned

Kaspersky prevents me from accessing the hotmcu site.

I suspect that it is a popular Red SPI display with ILI9341 and XPT2046.
Please find a safer link.

Yes, the Red SPI displays should all run fine with TFT_eSPI on your Wemos D1. Enough pins and 3.3V logic.


when this is attached to the wemos I can not upload from Arduino
maybe a wiring issue?

Go on. Find a safer website to link to your display.

I am pretty certain that it is a regular Red 2.4 inch ILI9341 SPI display. Possibly with a XPT2046 Touch controller. Without a photo or safe web link we can not identify it.

Bodmer's TFT_eSPI library has ready-made User Setup file for this common display.


does this link work for you?

That link points to a 176x220 3.3V open-smart display with ST7775 controller.
which is nothing to do with your LGDP4524.

#10 has a “malicious link” to a 240x320 display that “says” KMRTM24024-SPI

I wash my hands of the parallel display whether ST7775 or LGDP4524 because an ESP8266 does not have enough pins. (and you can not or will not correct your spelling typo)

I could help with the SPI 240x320 display but only if you can verify with a photo or non-malicious link.

I know that we might have an English language problem. It is very frustrating when someone can not provide accurate information.


Hi David,

I bought the one on the link , do not see my typo ? What do I need to correct?

but it looks Ali did send me the other open-smart with LGPD4524.

So I am confused also.

Thanks T