Open Smart Red ILI9488 not working

I succesfully compiled the example UTFT_ViewFont but nothing happens. Maybe the line UTFT myGLCD(ILI9486,38,39,40,41); is wrong. I tried ILI9488 but that generates a compile error. Thanks for suggestions.

Please post a link to the actual Open-Smart board that you have bought. e.g. Ebay sale page.

It takes 10 seconds from your life. But means that you will get accurate replies.


I bought the UTFT from AliExpress. The discription on the site of AliExpress is:
3.0 "TFT LCD Touchscreen Resistive 400*240 Display Breakout Board Module R61509V voor Arduino UNO R3 OPEN SMART FZ3286.
I hope this helps.

No, please provide a link to the Aliexpress page. You can't expect readers to guess.

I found
which might be your display.

Open-Smart generally print the controller type on the pcb. e.g. R61509V

UTFT certainly does NOT support the R61509V

And your UTFT constructor implies a Due or MEGA2560.
The Due will be fine with MCUFRIEND_kbv

A MEGA2560 requires 13 level-shifter channels.
Provide the correct electronics and will be fine with MCUFRIEND_kbv
I doubt if the Touch will work via level-shifters.


Thanks! the link to my UTFT is
On the backside is says Driver IC ILI9488. May be this is a proper type?

The link to my UTFT is

Sorry, my input is automaticaly translated. The item number is in fact 32964204802.

Yes, your link is
which shows a TFT display with a S6D05A1 controller.
No mention of ILI9488.

Please can you be honest.

  1. does your display look like the pcb in your link.? Describe any difference(s)
  2. did you receive the OPEN-SMART UNO R3 Air board in your link? Describe any differences.

Now you can understand why I always ask for links.
It saves me going on a wild goose chase for a 400x240 screen.
And me repeating myself about 3.3V level shifters.

When I get some accurate information from you, I will give you step by step guide.


Thank for your reply. I indeed received exactly what is shown on the site of aliexpress, including the open smart uno r3 air and the micro SD board and 128 MB memory card. The only difference is that on the backside of the UTFT is says: Driver IC: ILI9488.

The open smart uno r3 air must be switched to 3.3V

If ILI9488 is printed, you have an ILI9488.
Everything should work out of the box with any Open-Smart library.

Personally, I would be happier with installing MCUFRIEND_kbv via the IDE Library Manager and following the instructions for USE_SPECIAL and USE_OPENSMART_SHIELD_PINOUT_UNO

I assume that they have mapped the 16x1 display header to the same Uno pins as their Shields.

It appears that pinouts, schematics, libraries, ... are all TOP-SECRET. i.e. you have to buy the hardware before they reveal the information.

If my guesswork is wrong please PM me. Then you can email the schematic.


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