Open Source Code Available for Ventilators

Hello All,

I joined a team that stated at Florida-U to build an Open Source Ventilator. Project is underway with dedicated PCB prototypes already being assembled/tested. More details about the overall project at:

The code uses a low cost LCD and 3 buttons as UI. It tracks pressure sensors and drives a stepper motor.
As Florida-U uses existing positive pressure sources I have not yet added stepper motor feature but I am looking for a team that needs to control a squeezer mechanism. We could join forces to build/test/improve this feature.

Code is GPL-3 licensed. Be free to clone/branch our repo:

More specific:

I am putting together a tutorial series about using the code. Here is its playlist:

More videos with demos:

Note: auto-notifications for the forum is off. I will check this thread once every two days or so. In case you need to contact me then be free to write an email to:

Marcelo Varanda

BTW… there are 2~3 HW controllers going to use customized PCB’s according to parts available.
Following is the HW being developed by Florida-U (not yet in the UF github but in Ashhar’s):

They are now working of rev 2. I guess some changes on LCD and valve drivers. Florida-U PCB design is also GLP licensed.

A second controller has been designed for mass production using SMD (microcontroller on PCB rather than via Arduino board). I am not sure about its license so I am not sharing here.

A third one I am also not so sure as the PCB design was not shared yet.

Be free to clone the code and add support for your controller.


Adding support for Stepper motor for squeezer mechanisms. Still under development, here is a POC/demo:


Project is awesome, just a simple recommendation. Instead of using this 20x4 LCD, you should use TFT LCD. It will improve the presentation as ventilator is an expensive item.