Open Source Hardware Convention September 2011. Madrid, Spain

Open Source Hardware, Electronics and Robotics Convention is a 3-days event organized by the Synusia group in an effort to spread the Open Source Software and to promote Electronics and the philosophy of "do it yourself". The event will take place in Madrid, in C. F. Padre Piquer, from 23 to 25 September 2011.

During the OSHWCon, visitors will be able to watch and participate in talks, workshops, round table discussions, personal projects exhibitions and, above all, we'll offer a meeting place for professionals and amateurs of the world of electronics. Attendance is free and open to everyone. Activities are intended to be for everybody: from beginners to hi-level talks and workshops.

Our objective is for everybody to enjoy learning, sharing knowledge, taking part or even playing with electronics and robotics throughout the OSHWCon... All of it from the Open Source Hardware philosophy. There are four different rooms/halls to hold several simultaneous activities, so there will always be something interesting to do.

If you have something to contribute with, you want to share your latest electronic creation or you are an expert on some electronic matters and you want to explain it to the world, let us know in "Suggest your talk". Check out first "Call4Papers" for more information about the activities we are into. In case you wonder what make us organize this event, take a look at our "Manifesto".

You are all welcome to participate, either as a visitor or as an active member of the OSHWCon. We'll be waiting for you on September 23 to 25! Please, remember to register first on our site if you are intended to come. We'll also offer the recordings of every activity once the OSHWCon come to close.

About Synusia

Synusia is the working group established in C. F. Padre Piquer that organizes this Convention. Synusia was born from the need of setting up a meeting point where sharing and deepen into the knowledge of different electronic technologies. If you are willing to participate in the OSHWCon or you want to know more about Synusia, feel free to send us an email (you'll find out more in our web site). Any suggestions will be welcome!