Open source hardware research

Dear Sir / Madam, I am writing to request more information about Arduino. Specifically, I am interesting in contacting Massimo Banzi to ask some questions about the relationship of Arduino with the open source community. I am a student of the M.Sc. in Technology Innovation Management at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. Our master degree is closely working with both Carleton's Talent First and Open Source Ventures programs, whose mission is strengthen research to help established and start-up companies in Ontario to create new business opportunities based on Open Source technologies. We, at Carleton, are strongly interested in studying the economic use of Open Source in any possible domain, not only software. Therefore, we consider that is essential to start researching the economics of Open Source Hardware, a domain that has been unfairly ignored by researchers so far. Specifically, I am planning to conduct a survey on economic benefits of open source hardware (OSH) for companies. Additionally, my thesis will be aimed at study the differences between OSS and OSH. Many companies and investors in Ontario are taking a close look at the results of our studies about Open Source and many events will be held to spread our recommendations. Therefore, I hope my work could promote the idea of OSH in Ontario and the rest of Canada. In this link you will find more information about our master: Here, you will find more information about Talent First program: This is about Open Source Ventures: I look forward to hearing from someone soon. Yours Faithfully,

Edy Ferreira