Open source hardware

Hello all

I have a litte concern. And a lot of joy, almost.

Lets start with the joy part, more fun! :) I have been playing with arduino's now for around 2 years. In the middle I was really busy on a project and my Arduino projects stood still for 8 months. I have built a pump house controller with an Arduino Mega 2560 with a web interface, and SD Card event logger. I have had loads of fun. It controls 3 pumps several valves and logs utility voltage etc.

I have also written 3 libraries in this process and a TFTP bootloader for MEGA and I will publish them on github very soon. My project is now "live" for just over two months.

I think Arduino is awesome and have "converted" two friends and my son and brother....

Now the sad part. Arduino 1.5 does not work under SuSE 13.1 and I do not make any sense of the Programmer menu in the environment. I tried to program a UNO over the USB port this morning, read your troubleshooting and other pages, several other blogs and forums and no fun. I got the env to see /dev/ttyACM0 still no fun and I do not know which option to select.

I have been playing with computers now for almost 40 years, I am a systems architect at the salt mine and I can program in Java, C++, and around 10 other languages...

The menu makes No sense to me and I could not find help on the site with that as well.

Lastly we have opensource hardware and we only seem to support the closed source windows platform?

I normally build my software with the Arduino 1.5 env nowdays (used to use 1.0 which worked with USB programming an UNO), but stops at around 25kB programming a MEGA 2560.

Then I use a ICSP programmer with avrdude from the command prompt.

My five cents.

Thanks Andre