Open Source Microlight Question


I am new to this forum, but have been dabbling into arduino coding. I am a glover. If you don’t know what that is, check it out on youtube- it’s a modern dance form that uses microlights on fingertips. Anyway, there’s a light on the market now that utilizes arduino coding to produce LED strobe patterns of varying blank and color spacings. Here’s the website for more background info:

There’s a function within the light called primes (basically the mode) that is triggered by an accelerometer. Each mode on the light can contain 2 primes: Prime A and Prime B. Essentially, you can use the accelerometer via tilt function, or via speed function to switch between Prime A and Prime B. The speed function allows Prime A to switch to Prime B after a certain threshold is achieved (slow, blinking pattern while movement is slow, full flashing strobe while movement is fast for bright trails). My entire community of about 250 glovers is puzzled by initiating a “Prime C”, or a third threshold to the speed function.

We’ve been playing with it for about 2 months, and nobody has been able to code a mode that will have essentially a slow speed mode, medium speed mode, and high speed mode.

I’ve attached the entire code in a zip file, but can anyone help? (40.4 KB)

Don't attach Zip files. Few people are sufficiently enthusiastic to sort them out. If you absolutely cannot fit it in a "code" box in a single post according to the instructions, perhaps split it in two functional blocks over two posts, only failing that attach it as a ".ino".

Now if you want help, do the legwork. You are right, few of understands quite what your fetish is. Include links to each part of the project, including some sort of circuit diagram. If the LEDs are actually lighting up in patterns, even a "Fritzing" diagram might be acceptable. :roll_eyes: