Open-Source NB-IoT Shield for Arduino

Hey guys! I've been working on a completely open-source LTE shield for Arduino based on SIMCOM's new SIM7000-series modules. This project is essentially the unofficial Adafruit FONA LTE/NB-IoT because as you might know Adafruit has a great library for the 2G and 3G SIMCOM modules. Luckily SIMCOM has made it super easy to migrate to this LTE version because many of the AT commands are identical!

So far the hardware is fine (except for a small thing with the LED's being dim in the first prototype PCB I made) and I just need to test all the LTE/NB-IoT and GNSS functionalities of it and incorporate it into the FONA library, but other than that it's going great! Just need some support and people to share this project! I'm also planning on launching an Indiegogo campaign to get this off the ground and to cover my prototyping costs (monthly SIM cards aren't cheap!)

  • You can view the project on here
  • The latest code, schematics, product wiki, and documentation can be found on the Github repo

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