Open source Relay board with USB Host interface


We develop relay boards and have full range of interfaces: RS232, USB, RS485, LAN…

I wanted to share our new project: Relay board with USB Host interface. We using ATmega 2560 and Chip MAX3421E so is Arduino ADK compatible.

What is idea? Build open source universal relay board with possibilities control relays using any ready or custom made USB device.

After test examples "USB Host Library 2.0 for Arduino" Lauszus (TKJElectronics) and Oleg Mazurov we just successfully control relays using: USB Keyboard USB Mouse USB Joystick USB Bluetooth USB Remote control USB RFID Reader

Now try to expand examples with many more USB devices like: USB WIFI module USB 3G Module Android USB Control USB DS1820 Temperature reader Custom USB Modules

Later today will publish the first example: control relays using USB Keyboard.

We are not professionals in the Arduino programming and prepare only simple but working examples. Currently sketch use around 5-7% of memory ATmega so there are many possibilities to customize the certain projects.

If you want to collaborate, give suggestions, or say anything related to the project, please reply to this post or email me.

Hope you like the board.

Example control relays using USB Keyboard.

For project you need USB Host Relay board, 12VDC power and USB Keyboard.

After upload sketch when you press key ‘8’ first relay turn ON, when press key ‘2’ turn OFF.

Using keyboard you can control all relays using one key, or using combinations.

Some ideas:

  • When you type “1234” and ENTER this to turn ON relay 1. Using this you can make simple Door Opener.
  • When you press “1” board execute combination for simple automation. Turn ON relay 1, after 10 sec turn OFF and turns ON relays 2 and 3… When you press button “2” this run other combination.
  • Build universal relay timer. When you type “45” and ENTER relay 1 turn ON and turn OFF after 45 seconds
  • and many more (1.59 KB)