Openbve HMI assistance.

Hello everyone I thank you for your time to help with this project that im trying to build. This means alot to me and others who will not only benefit us but give us the helping hand to teach others.

The project that im trying to do is create a desktop train simulator for openbve based on a subway model in real life. The information for the program is that its called openbve and its written in c#. Now the devices and equipment that im using for this HMI which (basically is an HMI with features to mimic it).

Nextion 7" Intelligent Display
Ardunio Leonardo
Mega 2560
Adafruit board
7watt speakers

Now the question I have is how would the nextion communicate with the openbve program to do the following

.Make sounds when the on screen button is touched (Like a beep sound when you press that on screen button indicating that its working)
.Allow sounds to be played by selecting that sound that you wish to play
.Get the station infromation per route and store data in the nextion about the routes symbols and name in it.

Thank you