OpenDaqCalc problem

Hello everyone,

I've tried to use the software OpenDaqCalc to take the data of my Humidity capter and put it in a tableur but every time I connect my LibreOffice page don't answer. I would like to know if theire is any other way to do it or if their is a way to be able to use OpenDaqCalc? Here is an explanation (in french ) on how to use it here

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I am curious about this. I use LibreOffice on Linux but I didn't know OpenDaqCalc existed. It is something I plan to try. However I am not likely to get time for several days.

I will bookmark this Thread and reply if I make any progress.

If nobody else comes along with advice and you think I have forgotten this (quite possible) don't be afraid to bump the Thread.



I faced the same problem with this macro on Windows 10 & Libre Office

First, I had to suppress the test regarding the file "WinChangeRate" that the macro didn't find in the directory which was however the right one. After this modification, I could launch the macro but the behaviour is rather erratic. The graph doesn't work at all and the data are displayed sometimes to time. Actually, this soft was not tested with these new versions. I hope it helps.