I m using OPENDAQCALC macro (data acquisition from arduino to Libre Office Calc) on Windows xp.This macro can be found in the french website Rc Navy (link).
I put in attachment the ZIP file of the macro.
It works fine.

But recently I bought a raspberry pi 2, installed Ubuntu mate on it… (Libre office was already installed), downladed opendaqcalc… that opens without any problem. But when I click on “connect”… nothing is acquired ! Moreover no error is indicated by the macro.

Serial monitor of arduino (installed on RPi2) is working fine and shows datas.

Is there a port problem known on RPi2 ?

Thanks in advance !

Thierry (26.9 KB)

did you update the cfg to reflect the right com port

# CFG=SerialPortName,SerialPortRate,ResetOnConnect

Hi !

Thanks for reply. Yes. Everything is set up at 9600 bauds. Not working still. Do you think this page could help ? link